About Flisvos Dive Center

Explore the magic underwater of Naxos at Flisvos Dive Center, THE place to learn scuba!

Naxos, a deep blue paradise, is an ideal place for those who seek new adventurous experiences in crystal clear waters, gorgeous caves, stunning reefs, and historical wrecks.

Fisvos Dive Center is a certified PADI scuba diving center on Saint George beach and offers PADI scuba diving courses as well as snorkeling tours to breathtaking dive sites on the island and the surrounding areas.

It is located in a very convenient position only a 1.5 km walk away from the port and the airport.
The staff is composed of PADI professionals with many years of experience and love-respect for sea life.

Safety, environmental awareness, and protection are our top priorities. We take part in marine clean-ups every year in collaboration with local authorities. The philosophy of Flisvos Dive Center is an emotional approach to scuba diving and nature. We believe in the relaxing and mindful power of scuba diving and pay attention to every individual need.

Our mission is to teach and introduce diving techniques and how amazing marine life is to all people of different ages- different diving levels. Our philosophy is to observe and preserve sea life, sea treasures, and sea creatures. Protecting the ocean is our top priority! 

Join us and discover your diving potential!

Lead Instructor – Nikos Orfanos

Nikos Orfanos is the founder and lead instructor at Flisvos Dive Center. He is born and raised in Naxos and his love from an early age is the sea.

After his studies in water skiing and sailing, Nikos began to focus on his scuba diving qualifications. He is an accredited PADI IDC STAFF instructor, EFR (First Aid and CPR) instructor, Commercial Diver and lifeguard.

Nikos after a long experience working as a scuba diving instructor in several areas of Greece, including Attica, Naxos, and Ios island founded Flisvos Dive Center and his specialty is night dive.

Certified by PADI®